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Top Team Alignment
“When I started working with Compass Learning I realized that I had been unconsciously incompetent in the concept and power of teaming in the corporate environment. Compass Learning brings to their clients a great depth of research, insight from many years of experience, the astute designing of experiential learning opportunities, caring and a real generosity of spirit. This combination creates a potent learning environment. A number of my teams now reflect on how much they have learnt and how far they have come from working with Janet and Ross in waking up to possibilities and then learning how to grab them.”
Chief Information Officer
Major Telecommunications Company

Executive Coaching
“Janet’s use of extensive questions, mixed in with her own experience has enabled her to quickly guide me through a process of self-discovery that has helped me understand the drivers, not only of my own behaviours, but also the behaviours of others. This has led me to a “place” where my decisions are more informed, my behavior is more motivating and my interactions with others more productive. Janet achieves this by creating “safe” learning environment where individuals and teams are able to share perceptions, experiences and feelings.”
Operation Manager
Major Telecommunications Company

Conference Facilitation
“Janet has an engaging manner that commands many and varied techniques that encourage new types of interaction between people. She makes participation lively, interesting and fun and uses techniques that initiate outcome-oriented change. The two conferences that Janet has facilitated for us have changed, for the better, the company’s scope and capability permanently. Janet has our unqualified endorsement.”
Managing Director
Major Importing Company

Leadership Facilitation
“Janet style and commitment went beyond her responsibility as a facilitator, she engendered trust and respect. An inspiration and a fabulous role model for women in the world of business.”
Senior Manager
Major Financial Services Organisation

Top Team Alignment Journeys
"I’ve worked with Janet Sernack over the last 12 years in team development programs across 6 different teams in three organisations. When Janet formed Compass learning it liberated her to build a company which embodied the values and the spirit which Janet stands for in her mission to have a positive impact on the world. The deeply researched insights that Compass Learning have wired in to the work they do in unleashing the potential in individuals and teams through changing their mindsets satisfies even the strongest cynics that there is a better way to deliver great outcomes in business and often also in their personal lives."
CEO Global Management Consulting Firm

Transformational Leadership Coaching
"I first had the pleasure of working with Janet and the Compass Learning group as part of a team in a prominent telecommunications corporation. Through that initial interaction I begun to understand the benefit leadership coaching could bring individuals and organisations and so when I chose to take time away from senior management corporate life I engaged directly with Janet with a view to exercising some demons and making more of my potential."

"During our first one to one meeting Janet assessed my personal position and plotted a path of journey designed to reinvigorate my passions and reshape my behavioural patterns. Through a well structured but flexible and thought provoking program of work and meetings I learnt a great deal about myself and my drivers. With this knowledge and with the new skills Janet has taught me relating to behavioural perception, personal engagement and relationship building I am now much more effective at a personal level and as a leader.
As such I have no hesitation in recommending Janet and the Compass Learning team for personal and group coaching."

Strategy Manager of a Telecommunications Company

Top Team Coaching
"I've had the pleasure of working with Janet Sernack over the last 2 years, both as an executive coach for myself and as a coach and facilitator for my company's leadership team.  Janet's work with me and our team has always been insightful, creative, engaging, and business-outcome focused.  Her coaching has enabled significantly improved levels of engagement and team effectiveness in my organisation.  But most importantly, Janet embodies the principles of emotional intelligence in a manner that is truly inspiring to experience.  There is a simplicity and truth in her work that will impact you--individually and organisationally--in quite a powerful way."

COM Global EI Consulting Firm

Business and Team Coaching
“Prior to embarking on our journey with Janet, I was somewhat sceptical about the proposed team-building exercise and its value to our organisation. Soon after we began working with Janet, it became clear that the exercise was of tremendous value to the staff, both at a personal and professional level. Janet has helped our team focus on continual improvement and learning, and has provided us with the tools required to achieve the lofty goals we set out to achieve.”
Co-Director Financial Services Consulting Organisation



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