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Grace Bros/ Myer

Grace Bros Department Stores

Established Australia’s first fashion office, for forecasting and conceptualising international fashion and lifestyle trends and adapting to Australian consumers needs and wants to enable womenswear & accessories, menswear, childrenswear and home products to be co-ordinated, marketed & merchandised across 42 department stores.

Assumed role of Marketing Development Manager and responsibility for the Grace Bros Corporate Identity Program, the development of the Grace Bros Private Label and the management of the Grace Bros Interior Design Service.


Oroton Group

Conducted in depth market positioning study of Oroton brand and developed the Brand Repositioning Strategy which enabled the company to fund growth of its Ralph Lauren franchise and other fashion brands.


Chanel Australia

Designed and delivered a customised customer service training program for all of the staff at Chanel Head office and the Sydney retail boutique.


Seafolly Australia

Over a period of 10 years conducted a series of researched based, strategic market positioning projects for the Seafolly swimwear brands to focus their growth towards becoming the major dominant swimwear brand in Australia and to support its growth and development as an international brand.


Westpac Banking Corporation

Over a period of 4 years was the Lead Facilitator in the “Making it Happen” leadership program for top 600 leaders which was one of the first customised experiential learning journeys in the Australian financial services industries that aimed at building a constructive  and focussed organisation.
Designed and developed a series of values based Team Development Journeys and Manager as Coach learning programs across all of IT aimed at improving team effectiveness and embedding values based constructive behaviours.


National Australia Bank

Lead facilitator in the Transnational Values Alignment Program which aimed at providing focus and cohesion for the global federation of banks that was being developed, at the time, under the stewardship of Don Argus. 
Program designer and facilitator in the “Body and Soul” IT Transformation Leadership Program.


Tomago Aluminium

Project Manager, consultant, designer and lead facilitator of Culture Change Program designed to build an accountable culture after a major restructure and intervention by McKinsey. Completed a culture diagnostic, change champions program, series of accountability workshops for people and team leaders.


Professional Mentor

Acted as Professional Mentor to women in small start up businesses, and as Lead Trainer in Business Skills in the NSW Government Women in Business Mentoring Programs in 2000-2003.



Over 4 years, designed & delivered a series of customised experiential Top Team Alignment Journeys & Executive Coaching Programs for the CIO Group, including IT & other key Service Functions.


Macquarie Bank

Designed and delivered two major customised experiential Accountability Programs to all staff in the Financial Services Group. Initially to introduce the mindsets and behaviours of achievement and accountability to senior staff and later to support the internal ‘Raising the Bar’ program through driving personal accountability and enabling crucial conversations.


Bearing Point Australia

Over 2 years consulted, designed and delivered 2 major interventions: initially conducted Top Team Diagnostic and a customised Top Team Alignment Journey to enable management buyout of the Australian business and the repositioning of the Bearing point brand in the Australian market. The second project involved transforming the business through a focussed change and culture development journey designed to grow the business and build team and leadership capability.


Transformational Executive Coaching Programs

Designed and delivered customised transformational leadership executive coaching programs for senior leaders at Visa international, TIDC, AAPT and MLC as well as for individual leaders in a range of global organisations.


Verint Systems

Designed and facilitated a team alignment program for the newly formed global Quality Assurance Team for Verint Systems in Israel. Conducted a team diagnostic study and facilitated a one day team experiential development workshop that created a common understanding as to the purpose and role of the team in the bigger organisation.


HP Software

Designed and facilitated a team alignment journey for the global software operations team in Israel. Conducted a team diagnostic study and facilitated a two day experiential team development workshop that created a common understanding of the team’s role in the recently restructured and realigned organisation.

Delivered webinar to HP Software managers globally to encourage & develop more Innovative business practices.


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