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The Mandala

Choosing the Mandala as my theme

Mandala means a circle, especially a magic circle, signifying the integrity of experience, an eternal process where endings become beginnings again and again. The typical four part structure of the mandala often represents dual polarities, it is the integration of these polarities that fuels the endless circular process of knowing.

The product of this circulation process is centering of ones experience. Centeredness is a core leadership quality, with it comes the experience of transcendence, the conscious experience of integrated Judgement that rises above the confines of justice to include love, wisdom and courage.

With the centering comes commitment in the integration of abstract ideals in the concrete here-and-now of ones life. When we act from our centre, the place of truth within us, action is based on the fusion of fact, meaning and relevance, and hence is totally committed. Only by personal commitment to the here-and-now of ones life situation, fully accepting ones past and taking choiceful responsibilities for ones future, is the dialectic conflict necessary for learning experienced.



Adapted from “Experiential Learning” by David Kolbe

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