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Global Alliances

In order to build customised cultural development, leadership, team and business transformation programs it is vital to have a solid base of preferred global alliances and partners who are called upon on a project-by-project basis. As I operate through very high standards I only partner with companies who are aligned to my standards of customer focus and excellence and deliver products & services of the highest calibre. These alliances and partnerships allow me to provide a comprehensive set of services and a stronger capability for larger client engagements.

I am proud to be aligned with the following firms:

Alliance Logos http://www.tahel-op.co.il/ http://www.human-synergistics.com.au http://www.the3rdhi.com http://www.valuescentre.com http://www.thegloballeadershipretreat.com http://www.coachfederation.org http://www.ihexcellence.com http://www.compasslearning.com.au http://www.teamfocus.com.au http://www.tahel-op.co.il/ http://www.genosinternational.com http://www.aimnsw.com.au
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